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Shinyuploads is an online sharing site for people that love to see woman and couples in shiny clothes (like spandex, rubber, latex, pvc and tights / nylons). You can share your shiny images and videos and you will find links to the best shiny sites on the web.

Shinyuploads uses a 'image approval system' to keepout unwanted images, every image will be checked by hand. We also use a black/white list for paysites or photographers. If you want to block your own content to shinyuploads.com please use the contact form on this website.

Website maintenance

We are currently performing maintenance on our website. As a result, the forum and gallery are currently offline.

Relaunce Website

We are happy with the relaunch of our website. Want to keep the website accessible to all visitors. That is why we want to offer the website in different languages. To achieve this goal we need volunteers who want to translate the website into their native language. If you are interested? Send me a message via Instagram, Twitter or via e-mail (info@shinyuploads.com)

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